Find Out About Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Status

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February 4, 2013 in News

Some people will be glad to hear that Apple TV 3 jailbreak status has not been changed to “Completed” and this means that hackers have not finished beta testing of their firmware. Right now developers from evad3rs work on evasi0n jailbreak release. They promise that public will see the link for free download of this utility after the graphic interface is created and looks nice.

What else do we know about Apple TV 3 jailbreak status as for today? Well, it should be release any moment now. It can happen today. It might happen tomorrow. It can take even longer, but if you are patient you can smile as it will be launched eventually.

Benefits of Jailbreaking Apple TV 3

We all have doubts before we make an important decision. The same is with jailbreaking. Some users go ahead, jailbreak their TV and enjoy the benefits while others are afraid to take this step because they don’t know what to expect.

apple tv jailbreak status

Jailbreaking is always risking because it voids your Apple TV 3 warranty. Besides, if you jailbreak the digital receiver, it will be easier to malwares and viruses to break through to your device. At the same time, jailbreaking lets you to become free from restrictions and control set by the Cupertino-based company. You’ll be able to upload useful third-party programs and add new functions to your device improving its performance.

You Decide

Even if you don’t plan to jailbreak the device yet, take a look at Apple TV 3 jailbreak release status. Maybe you will change your mind and get it once it is released [after designers create a suitable interface].

No one forces people to jailbreak their gadgets, yet millions of users choose to jailbreak themselves because of all the benefits that come along with this process. Decide yourself and enjoy having your digital media receiver from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

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