Ultrasn0w Fixer Is The Best Unlocking Solution For Jailbroken iPhone iOS 6 / 6.0.1

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January 23, 2013 in Factory iPhone Unlock

A few months ago developers of the Ultrasn0w fixer tweak, msft.guy and zmaster, announced the release of a new version of its expansion, which will help users unlock the “tied” to the operator iPhone. You can use Ultrasn0w Fixer to unlock iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 running on jailbroken iPhone 4 and 3GS.

More recently, the release of these utilities was developed by hackers from iPhone Dev-Team, but now third-party hackers took the baton from developers. Also I have already written you about the popular iOS 6 unlocking tools and you will find that there is no Ultrasn0w for iOS 6 from iPhone Dev Team and that it is much better to order Factory iPhone unlock.

The latest version of Ultrasn0w fixer will make the iOS 6 / 6.0.1 unlock for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 but running on old baseband versions.So let’s see what baseband version we can unlock.

Compatible Baseband Versions

iPhone 4

  •  01.59.00

iPhone 3GS

  •  04.26.08
  •  05.11.07
  •  05.13.01
  •  05.12.01
  •  06.15.00

Attention! All manipulations with the device you do at your own risk, the author is not responsible for your equipment.

Note: If you didn’t found your iPhone baseband in the list you can always use IMEI unlocking tool and permanently unlock your iPhone without jailbreak and any hacking software. Also is is no matter on what baseband and iOS running your device.

ultrasn0w fixer unlock ios 6

How to Unlock iOS 6.0.1 / 6 With Ultrasn0w Fixer iPhone 4, 3GS

Step 1:  First you need to jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 / 6 using redsn0w. The jailbreak will be tethered so if you are looking for iOS 6 untethered jailbreak it will be release after iOS 6.1 launch date.

Step 2: Open Cydia, go to the tab Manage, click Source.

Step 3: Add a new source:


To do this, click on Edit, then Add and enter the address of the repository.

Step 4: In the Search tab to find a tweak called Ultrasn0w fixer to unlock iOS 6.0.1, 6 for your device and install it.

Step 5: Reboot the iPhone. But remember that for now the jailbreak is tethered so you need to boot it tethered using Redsn0w feature Just Boot.

Step 6: Wait for the signal after rebooting.

This info is not fresh but may be useful for those who have iPhone 4 and 3GS with preserved baseband and running iOS 6 or iOS 6.0.1.

If Ultrasn0w Fixer for iOS 6 unlock didn’t help you can try alternative way to unlock iPhone baseband but if you would like to spend more money than on IMEI unlock.

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