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January 15, 2013 in Factory iPhone Unlock

There have been a lot of various unlocking methods in the last couple of years, still this one is the most popular nowadays. I’m talking about IMEI unlocking tool that can free any iPhone model from carrier’s network and allow users to insert any SIM card worldwide. Still some people who don’t know how the iPhone IMEI unlock works are afraid to order this remote service. Especially now when many iUsers need to unlock iOS 6.0.1 after update.

There is nothing to be afraid of. I will explain to you how this method works and you will understand that this unlocking solution is simply great and safe to perform.

Of course, it’s best if you follow safety instructions to buy secure iPhone IMEI unlock from companies you can trust. Actually, the iPhone IMEI unlock is official service that is legit, 100% guaranteed, permanent and safe. Besides, it is affordable, and you can find a service with the cheapest prices online. This unlocking tool allows you updating to any iOS firmware and keeping unlock.

how imei unlock works

About IMEI Unlock Tool

Before I start to describe how the iPhone IMEI unlock works I will answer one popular question, where companies that offer this unlocking solution get their information from. Also you can read about the reason why people unlock AT&T iPhone for other carriers.

Most GSM network unlock codes have similar ways of being generated. A special algorithm is used which is based on the unique ID of your iPhone [IMEI number] and/or mobile carrier info. The server develops a personal unlock code [known as NCK or Network Control Key] for the particular smartphone with locked policy rules to one network.

iPhone IMEI number consists of 15 digits. Having the number, servers can quickly generate the unlock code.

How Unlock and Activation Work for iPhone Users

As I have told you, each iPhone has its specific IMEI number that is listed in Apple’s database. When you connect the smartphone to iTunes program, your IMEI is being verified by it. iTunes checks whether your handset’s IMEI is listed in whitelist or blacklist database. The ActivationTicket is connected to a particular SIM card, and when the program sees that your device is whitelisted, it generates unlock code and you can have your iPhone unlocked with IMEI tool. If your iPhone is blacklisted, it will simply be locked again, so you cannot use iTunes to unlock the device which is unofficially unlocked.

As for the companies that offer remote iPhone IMEI unlock services, they are able to securely connect to the Cupertino-based company’s servers with IMEI’s database for every iOS smartphone developed by Apple and add changes to iPhone IMEI’s carrier lock status. Few days ago I wrote you about one of them and you can safely use this service to unlock AT&T iPhone. But if your iPhone isn’t locked to AT&T you can use this legit and cheap service to unlock iPhone from other carrier.

I hope I have cleared out how iPhone IMEI unlock works, and you now know that companies that offer remote iPhone unlock with IMEI tool do not need NCK exploits or other software in order to provide this service. This method is similar to WildCardTicket service associated with SAM unlock tool. I just wonder how long Apple will allow companies unlocking iPhones with IMEI number.

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