Download and Install Cracked iOS Apps without Jailbreak

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January 3, 2013 in News

Even if your iOS device is not jailbroken, there is a way to install cracked apps without jailbreak. We will tell you how it is possible to do, and your iPhone or iPad will stay non-jailbroken thus the warranty will remain while you are able to enjoy hacked programs and games on the gadget you own.

Earlier users could use Installous to enjoy various programs. But since Hackulous was shut down, a lot of users and developers got upset. There are other ways to install hacked apps without jailbreak. You should just start using other programs similar to Installous. There are applications with a collection of iOS cracked programs. Learn more about them inside this post.

A Source with Cracked Apps

There is a program called Zeusmos with a big collection of hacked applications. This service chargers iOS customers the fee for a chance to install apps without jailbreaking. Users are able to get a “cloud plan” and enjoy using a profile that makes it possible to install the cracked programs on your device.

There is one interesting fact about this application. Believe it or not but it was developed by a 15-year old [here is his Twitter account]… Yes, the genius teenager develops various programs, including InstaSign. Mac users can get Zeusmos program and use it to get hacked iOS apps and games on iGadgets. There is no need to use Cydia for apps you want to use .

install cracked apps without jailbreak

Actually, the program we mention is replicating Installous.

How It Works

Just like similar services, users who wish to install jailbroken programs and avoid jailbreaking require a UDID activation available to developers only. Some customers buy such activation from various websites.

Zeusmos’ developer wants to use his program to solely code sign programs because this app will also distribute applications rejected in the official App Store. They will be available in Exclusive Apps section. The question is how other iOS users are going to use Zeusmos. They are most likely to download and install cracked apps without jailbreak and enjoy them on iDevices.

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